Doorcie: Anti-Corona-Aufsatz für Türklinken


Instead of touching the door handle.

Doorcies help you in the fight against corona viruses

In the current fight against the new corona virus, pragmatism and quick solutions are needed. With the Doorcies, we offer a simple and clever solution to save time and material in everyday hospital and nursing care in a safe way and ensure a reduction of nosocomial infections in a natural way. An important measure to relieve the workload of all employees.

As of now, we offer free doorcie test pairs to clinics and vaccination centers dealing with Covid 19. Please send us your building and room number by e-mail:


Doorcies allow the operation of door handles with the forearm. When entering hospital rooms and patient rooms, the hands remain free, they do not touch the door handles. Hand disinfection and glove change can be effectively reduced. And precious time is saved.


  • No more skin irritations due to hand disinfection after entering the room 
  • No more time lost due to additional glove changes and hand disinfection
  • No more putting down trays to open the door
  • No more fear of touching door handles 
  • No more transmission of pathogens via door handles and hands, from one day to the next
  • Effective protection against the failure of some employees and patients to wash their hands when necessary

Hospital door handle permanent protection against infection


Contamination on the hands does not even get to the door handles with Doorcies. The Doorcies are not only above but also offset in front of the handles, which protects the door handles from contact with the hands, and vice versa. 

The strict separation of patient contact with the hand on the one side, and door handle operation with the forearm on the other side protects against cross infections safely and easily. Above all your staff, and they are the most important thing for your patients.



The Doorcie works very simply, with either left or right arm. And much safer than disinfections that only work for about 3 minutes until dry. Hand disinfectants are also saved, along with the time needed to refill.

Conversely, the Doorcies protected in this way will remain free of pathogens and therefore bare arms can hardly contaminated by them.

The half-shell also allows old and disabled people to easily push down, push the door open or pull the door in one safe movement, ideal for old people's and nursing homes where Doorcies are presently much needed.

Tür öffnen mit langärmelingen Arztkitteln


Of course, the rapid restriction of corona spreading is a priority for all of us. Nevertheless, every hospital needs employees who are responsible for the finances. We would also like to say a few words to these employees:

  • If your ward personnel disinfect their hands or change protective gloves when entering or leaving a patient's room to operate the door handles, it will take 15 seconds without any ifs and buts. Plus the disinfectants or gloves.
  • If your patients receive food 3 times a day and the dishes are collected 3 times a day, this makes 6 room entries.
  • If the average patient is visited only 10 times in 24 hours for treatment and monitoring purposes, this adds up to 16 times 15 seconds a day, or 4 minutes.
  • This corresponds to about 2 working hours per month.
  • Assuming average wage costs of 36 euros per working hour including employer's shares, a pair of doorcies will have paid for themselves before one month is up.

Saubere Hände und Türklinken durch Doorcies


Easy installation

Doorcies can be clamped onto door handles with just one screw and removed just as quickly. We adapt the clamping to the geometry of your door handles without extra charge.

Robust and durable

Doorcies are resistant to surface disinfectants and sterilizable at 134 °C. Stainless steel versions are available for higher requirements.

How can I get Doorcies and how much do they cost?

Doorcies are surprisingly inexpensive and pay off in everyday hospital life within a few weeks. We will make you a non-binding offer quickly and without obligation.

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In hospitals, Doorcies help to relieve overworked nursing staff and protect them from infections. Hospital staff risk health and life to help others. We must take every opportunity to support them.

We have compiled news about the Corona crisis in the Press Room for you.

Press Room

In order to reduce the number of new infections and to spread them over time, Doorcies can also be used in areas upstream of hospitals. These include government and authorities, whose functioning must not be risked. And primarily doctors' surgeries and retirement homes, in fact all places where droplet infections are to be expected. After the Corona crisis, by the way, Doorcies are not superfluous, as they help against all pathogens.



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