January 2020

January was a good start to the new year for us. In addition to a good order situation, we are particularly celebrating our new Internet presence. This is our response to the increasing number of pages accessed from mobile phones.  Searched products are on the screen after 1-2 clicks. By the way, at least two important products are added, so have a look again!

December 2019

As the year drew to a close, there was not much sign of recession in our industry, and we too are taking a number of orders into the next year. Although the automotive supplier sector has weakened, we were still pleased to receive orders from BMW and Daimler. On the whole, the industrial sector has increased, while public sector orders have remained stable. This year, cheaper floor sockets have been added and especially the StarConnex 19" tanks & racks. We manufacture the racks from stainless steel in a waterproof version and now use them in our floor tanks as condensation-proof distribution inserts for outdoor areas. We offer the 19" tanks from 1 to 26 HE, with removable or hinged lids, truck-proof and waterproof IP68. Due to our 19" racks we can equip the tanks in such a way that they can be splashed with water without damage when the lid is open.