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Floor tanks are installed to the floor level into the screed and offer thereby unobtrusively and roadworthy the required supply of large areas with power, data, water, and other media.

When selecting floor tanks, important features should be noted:

For a long-lasting durability, floor tanks should be made entirely of stainless steel V2A, or V4A optional for example: for butchers or salt water areas.

The lid load in indoor areas should correspond to carry mobile working platforms and fire trucks.  Even at lower bowing of the lid can break applied tiles otherwise. The lids have not to withstand only the mentioned load, they also may not bend when under load. For outdoor areas 20 tons wheel load are normally sufficient, up to 90 tons for widebody aircrafts.

Floor tank lids have to be absolutely waterproof IP68 for wet areas as well as for areas where wet-cleaners are used. In outdoor areas, where appropriate, a cable dome with roof is recommended to prevent ingression of rainwater. For outdoor use is to take into consideration, that a rainwater drainage with siphong is necessary.

In all wet cleaned indoor areas, all floor tank seams have to be welded complete  watertight. Otherwise residual cleaning water will crawl into  the concrete. This requires that on the visible top corners no unwelded breakages be recognizable. In the outer regions is also required to ensure that no moisture from the ground can crawl in through the cracks in the floor tank.

For insurance reasons the lids of the floor tanks should fit in seamlessly on floor-level and should be internally lockable, both in use as well as for non-use.  The skid resistance of the applied material on the floor tank lid must be considered.

Combinations of sockets, media connections, compressed air, and other devices should be available within a reasonable selection on removable modules to allow subsequent adjustments. Floor tanks should be also available with distributors (GFCI & Circuit Brakers) to avoid a plurality of lead cables.

Star Connex floor tanks meet all of these conditions by default. They are superbly manufactured and have been proven intensively.

The european standard sizes are 300 x 300 mm, 400 x 400 mm, 500 x 500 mm and 600 x 600 mm.

The european standard heights are 122, 165 and 250 mm.

For floor tanks from 500 x 500 mm and up with frequent access,  we recommend versions
with hinged lid, especially when heavier covering is intended.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, need other versions or tenders.

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